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Filling Machines

From semi-automatic to automatic, for non-viscous products to viscous, Equitek´s filling machines are capable of performing small to medium size product runs of up to 350 containers per minute and, up to 4,000 pounds. 

Linear or in a rotary format, volumetric, by weight or by the use of flowmeters, Equitek´s equipment manage the technology and service your company requires at affordable prices.


Capping Machines

Practical and versatile, our capping machines can handle different types of containers and caps with minimal tooling changes.

Equitek´s in-line or rotary cappers, require the least possible operator´s engagement, allowing you to maximize your resources. Either automatic or semi-automatic, caps are properly secured by the use of pneumatical, magnetic or pressure systems.


Labeling Machines

Controlled by a PLC to achieve the speed and required accuracy, our labeling equipment can affix self-adhesive labels of up to 10 inches high to cylindrical, square, oval or round containers or bottles, boxes and bags.

By the correct utilization of up to 3 labeling heads for front, back and top or bottom, Equitek provides a complete labeling system customizable to your needs.

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Equitek benefits

All our filling equipment include access to our online Equitek Web Service portal, where you can obtain performance reports, technical assessments, and spare parts.

Peace of mind, all our equipment is ready for a 3 year extended warranty option.

Equitek Web Services portal, you can download the manual for all the equitek equipment you have.

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