Caps Orientation System, Inclined Disc.

The OTD series consists of lid-oriented machine by an inclined rotating disk. This disc has special niche for the type of taps that, by its shape, capture it and direct it through a series of traps, in order to select the appropriate orientation to a cheek of placing covers. This type of orientation is ideal for capricious or special shaped lids and must be used in conjunction with a screw capping machine, due for the type of lid.




Caps Orientation System, Inclined Disc.

The technology of OTD series is based on an interchangeable disc, specially machined for a type of lid. Said disk rotates in an inclined plane which, with the help of special traps, selects the lid, whose orientation is appropriate; later, it directs it to a cheek for its placement in the container. This equipment has an inclined band with buckets and lid storage hopper for controlled feeding of covers to the orientation disc.

For the orientation of particular lids, please consult Equitek to validate the application.

Oil and Lubricants
Flavored liquid
Cleaning products
Natural products
Alcoholic liquid

Please consult any special application with Equitek.

Capping machine.

Additional information

Pieces per minute

1 – 150

Price Range

6k to 16k

Cap diameter

10 to 30

Electrical Requirement

220V 50/60 Hz

Compressed air requirement

92.45 psi


440V-3F 50/60hz

Caps Orientation System, Inclined Disc.

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