Semiautomatic Screw Cap

The semi-automatic ERS screwdriver consists in a screw cap for heavy-duty, pneumatically operated lids, with or without lubrication, mounted on an actuator. This actuator has a trap system to capture the container with the lid and screw it with the right torque. The function of the operator is only to present the lid on the container. When it enters the screwing system, a sensor detects the container and closes two traps, one at the bottom to prevent the container from rotating, and another at the neck of the container to prevent it from collapsing by the force of the head of the coiled. Once the lid is screwed, the traps open and the container is released.


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The technology of this equipment is based on a pneumatic automatic start screwdriver, when pressure is applied against the cover, and an automatic stop torque control, which limits the force applied to the closing of the cover, achieving excellent control over the applied torque.
The screwdriver is mounted on an automatic actuator, which captures the container through a system of traps or grippers.
The adapters or Chuck for lids and the trap system are easily exchanged to adapt the equipment to different formats of packages and lids.

Screw caps vary from 18 to 55 mm in diameter, with torque control. Different types of adapters are offered, in stainless steel, internal striated, specially manufactured for the cover in question, gripper type, or, with polyurethane insert, adaptable to different ranges of cover measures.

Oil and Lubricants
Flavored liquid
Cleaning products
Natural products
Alcoholic liquid

This equipment is not suitable for very fragile and/or large containers, or whose lid exceeds 55 mm in diameter. For more information, consult Equitek.

Additional information


Cap diameter

20 – 32

Container Size

100ml – 1.5lt


5 to 32

Electrical Requirement

220V 50/60 Hz


440V-3F 50/60hz

Pieces per hours

Cap Type

Screw capping

Semiautomatic Screw Cap

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