Semi-Automatic Chuck Capper

The semi-automatic ERS capper torques hand-placed caps onto rigid containers and consists of a pneumatically-driven chuck mounted on an actuator. Sensor-driven automatic container management means the operator only has to place the cap on top of the container and the ERS does the rest.



ERS Series Chuck Capper

ERS series cappers utilize a pneumatically driven chuck to torque hand-placed caps onto rigid containers. These cappers are torque adjustable for maximum control over cap application. The chuck is mounted on an automatic actuator which uses a sensor system for automatic operation. Chuck heads are interchangeable to maximize versatility when running multiple cap configurations.

Compatible with cap diameters of 18 to 55 mm and a wide range of cap configurations.


Semi-automatic capper. Semi-automatic capping system. Semi-automatic chuck capper.

Additional information


Cap diameter

20 – 32

Container Size

100ml – 1.5lt


5 to 32

Electrical Requirement

220V 50/60 Hz


440V-3F 50/60hz

Pieces per hours

Cap Type

Screw capping

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