Manual Bottle Rinsing

The EEM series, refers to a device used to rinse containers in manual mode. This system consists of a tray and two manual injectors, which are activated by pressing the mouth of the container against the injector. This operation causes an air or water injection, in order to remove possible contaminants from new containers. The tray is used to collect water waste, after rinsing and sending it to the drain or to a re-circulation system.



The EEM series has two manual injectors. When pressing the mouth of the container against them, they will open automatically. They can be used for air, ionized air, water, or some sanitizing product with low viscosity.
This equipment may be accompanied by a sanitizing product tank coupled with a pump and filter for sanitizing product recirculation.

Rinsing new containers from 50 ml to 5000 ml. The containers can be plastic or glass, with mouths up to 100 mm in diameter.

Flavored liquid
Natural products
Alcoholic liquid

It should not be used for dirty or recycled containers.

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Inyectors Number

2 Inyectors

Container Size

50ml – 5lt

Manual Bottle Rinsing

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