- Non-Viscous Products -

DNS Series automatic fillers are easy-to-use, compact machines for filling non-viscous products.

DNL Series are versatile, easy-to-use automatic fillers that utilize pumps and overflow nozzles to deliver highly accurate “fill-to-level” fills of non-viscous products.

DNR Series automatic fillers offer the versatility of DNL machines in a rotary format.  DNR Series rotary machines can fill non-viscous products at speeds of up to 250+ containers per minute.

DCI Series automatic fillers offer a range of isobaric filling options for carbonated liquids like artisanal beer or kombucha. Fill, cap, and label in a compact, practical machine.

- Viscous Products -

DVS Series automatic piston fillers feature a compact design, perfect for small businesses looking to optimize space and improve on their packaging process.

DVL Series automatic piston fillers are robust, highly accurate and versatile.  Vertically oriented, electronically driven, variable stroke pistons and rotary valve technology allow precision filling of viscous and medium particulate-laden products.  The DVL is a true modular filler and is available in 4 to 12-nozzle configurations.

- Non-Viscous and Viscous Products -

DFL Series automatic fillers offer a range of flowmeter-based filling technologies with advanced autocorrection algorithms in a robust, linear frame. These fillers are designed for products that require a high-precision fill, including hard-to-work-with products.

inline filling systems - Equitek USA

Rotary Overflow Fillers

DFR automatic fillers offer all of the benefits of DFL flowmeter-based systems, but with a rotary design for high-speed filling applications.

DPC Series fillers cover a range of automatic and semi-automatic machines with fill-to-weight technology for filling liquid or viscous products into buckets, pails, and Jerry Cans weighing up to 100 lbs.

DPP and DPF Series drum fillers are a range of automatic and semi-automatic filling machines.  Available in fill-to-weight or flowmeter configurations and with or without nozzle optimization, the DPP and DPF deliver highly accurate viscous and non-viscous product filling of drums, kegs, and totes weighing up to 330 lbs.

DPF Series semi-automatic fillers offer flowmeter-based filling technology for kegs, drums, or totes, by volume or weight, liquid or viscous products, in containers weighing up to 330 lbs.

- Powder or Granular Products -

DSL Series automatic auger fillers have a robust linear design ideal for filling powdered or granulated products in rigid containers.  DSL auger fillers utilize highly accurate, electronically controlled auger technology.

DSR Series automatic rotary auger fillers offer a robust rotary design ideal for high-speed filling of powdered or granulated products in rigid containers.

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