Capping Machines

We have a wide variety of capping technologies, from manual, inline and rotary capping machines, specially designed to optimize the capping process of different types of bottles and products.

Pressure Capping

The TPB series pressure capper, consists of a variable speed belt installed on a conveyor, that applies pressure to the caps placed on the containers, when traveling on the conveyor.

The TPB-CT series is similar to the TPB series, but is equipped with a sideband system and a cap dispenser, that places the cap on the container before entering the pressure closing band.

The TPC series consists of an automatic pressure capper, for plastic pails or buckets, and similar containers, with rigid walls, to be coupled to the outlet of the filling system, this can include the lid dispenser system for a totally automatic process.

Screw Capping Machines

The ERM manual screw-capper, consisting of a heavy-duty, pneumatically operated, manual capper, which has an adjustable torque control.

The ERS Series consists of a heavy duty, pneumatically operated, screw-cap capper operated by an actuator, which has a container capture system, that when detected it will screw the cap with a controlled torque on the container.

The ERS-CT series is similar to the ERS series but is equipped with a cap dispensing system for placing the lid on the container automatically in a station prior to screwing.

The RPC capper is intended for aluminum roll formed–on-container caps, semi-automatic operation, for Ropp Cap and similar types.

The ERAL series consist of a capping system head with lateral bands, which capture the bottle, along the conveyor, places de cap over the bottle and with another series of lateral bands rotates the cap and tightens it at the required torque, while the bottle is traveling at the conveyor speed.

The ERR series consists of a range of screw capping machines in rotary format. Each head has a magnetic torque chuck, for precise capping force applied. These can operate independently, with their own cabinet or integrated in rotary format filling equipment.

Cap Sorting Systems

The DFL series consist of a group of automatic flowmeter technology-based, filling machines in a linear and robust format, with advanced autocorrection algorithms, this type of machine is intended for products that require a high precision bottling fill.

The DFR series covers a range of flowmeter technology-based fillers, with a robust rotary format, with advanced autocorrection algorithms, it is ideal for companies or products that require high speed at high precision fill.

The DPC series covers a range of automatic or semi-automatic filling machines, with fill by weight technology, intended for buckets or pails, Jerry Cans, with liquid or viscous products in presentations from 5 to 50 kg.

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