- Pressure Capping -

TPB Series pressure cappers utilize variable speed belts to apply pressure to pre-placed (either by hand or automatically) caps on containers as they travel down the conveyor.

TPB-CT Series cappers offer the same capability as TPB systems but with the added benefits of a side belt bottle transport system and a cap dispenser that places a cap on the container automatically.

TPC Series pressure lidders are designed for use with plastic pails, buckets, and similar containers with rigid walls. These lidders are available with an optional lid placer system for fully automatic functionality.

- Torque Capping Machines -

ERM Series manual chuck style cap tighteners are heavy-duty, hand-held, pneumatically operated, torque-adjustable tools for tightening hand-placed caps on rigid containers.

ERS Series semi-automatic chuck cappers utilize a heavy-duty, fixed position, pneumatically driven cap tightener with adjustable torque control.  The ERS controls container movement and automatically tightens pre-placed caps on rigid containers.

ERS-CT Series cappers offer all of the functionality of ERS Series chuck cappers, but with the added benefit of an automatic cap placement system for fully automatic functionality.

RPC semi-automatic cappers offer ROPP cap application in an easy-to-use, semi-automatic system.

ERAL Series automatic belt style cappers produce highly accurate, repeatable torque application to a wide range of cap configurations.  The ERAL utilizes adjustable, independently driven, cap tightening belts.

ERR Series rotary cappers excel in a wide range of high-speed capping applications.  Utilizing magnetic head chucks with adjustable torque, the ERR produces precise, highly controlled capping performance.

- Cap Sorting Systems -

OTB Series cap elevator sorters are designed for use with a wide range of caps and capper configurations.  The OTB can be configured to feed caps into a vibratory bowl sorter for sorting irregular shaped caps such as Yorker-style flip tops.

Vibratory bowl sorters provide highly accurate, repeatable sorting and orienting of irregularly shaped caps.  Caps such as Yorker-style flip-tops or dip tube spray pumps can be oriented and delivered to cappers such as the ERAL Series to allow fully automatic operation.

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