Automatic Single-Head Chuck Capper

ERS-CT Series cappers offer all of the functionality of the ERS series torque capper, but with the added benefit of an automatic cap placement system for fully automatic functionality.


ERS-CT Automatic Capping System

All the benefits of our easy-to-use ERS chuck capper but with an automatic cap placement system that eliminates the need for an operator to hand-place caps. This compact system offers automatic capping capability for small to medium-sized filling lines.


This system works best with 18 mm – 55 mm screw caps on rigid containers. The ERS chuck head is available with a variety of inserts to accommodate different types of screw caps.


Capper – Capping System – Chuck Capping System – Automatic Capper

Additional information


Cap Type

Screw capping

Pieces per hours

Cap diameter

20 – 32

Container Size

100ml – 1.5lt


5 to 32

Electrical Requirement

220V 50/60 Hz


440V-3F 50/60hz

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