Vibratory Bowl Cap Sorter

The OTV series covers a series of lid-oriented machine, by means of a vibrating bowl. This method is practical when the production capacity is not high, and the space is reduced. It can also be used to orient lids of irregular or complex shapes. The equipment must be used in conjunction with a screwing or capping system according to the production speed.



OTV Vibratory Bowl Cap Sorter

OTV Series vibratory bowl cap sorters utilize variable amplitude vibration and adjustable channelizing to orient and index irregularly shaped caps.  Oriented and indexed caps are then presented to a cap chute or other take away device for delivery to an automatic cap tightener.  OTV bowl sorters are frequently used in conjunction with OTB cap elevators to create a fully automatic, irregular cap sorting system.

Orientation and sorting of irregularly shaped caps.

Additional information


Cap diameter

10 to 30

Electrical Requirement

220V 50/60 Hz

Compressed air requirement

92.45 psi


440V-3F 50/60hz

Vibratory Bowl Cap Sorter

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