Volumetric / Auger Filling Machine

The DSL series covers a group of automatic packaging equipment, of robust linear architecture, ideal for the packaging of powdered or granulated products in rigid containers by means of an electronically controlled helical worm. The modular design of these devices allows them to be used in a wide range of products and presentations.



Volumetric / Auger Filling Machine

The technology of the DSL series is based on a helical worm
system mounted on a conical hopper, electronically controlled
in speed and number of turns, in order to control the filling
speed and the volume of product sought. The system has a PLC
equipped with a touch screen for the operation and management
of parameters. The modular design of these systems allows easy
change of the helical worm and output cone to be able to dose
different presentations and/or products with the same equipment
in an efficient way. A variation of this system is the filling by
weight when a great precision of the dosed product is sought.

This device can be used for the packaging of powdered or granulated
products, being able to be fluid, such as sugar, salt, seeds, or similar,
or non-fluid, such as milk powder, talcum powder, carbonates, coffee
powder, spices, or drugs, in presentations from 10 gr to 5kg.

Flavored liquid
Cleaning products
Natural products

Modified equipment can be supplied especially for specific products,
complementing them with a dust extraction system.

Powder filling machine – Powder packaging equipment – Weigh and fill machine – Weigh fill machine – Net weighing filling machine – Weigh filler

Additional information


Containers Presentations

1.6 To 169.07 oz.

Type of Product

Powder and Dry Product

Filling Technology

Volumetric Granules

Pieces per hours

Viscosity in CPS

no fluido – fluido

Inyectors Number

1 – 2 Inyectors

Packaging Size

50ml – 1.5lt

Report Management


Ethernet Connection


Electrical Requirement

220 V 50/60 Hz

Compressed air requirement

92.45 psi


440V-3F 50/60hz

Volumetric / Auger Filling Machine

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