Pail Filling Machine

The DPC series includes a set of automatic or semiautomatic equipment for the packaging of pores, pails or carafes by weight, with liquid or viscous products in presentations from 5 to 50 kg. These series are offered with motorized linear conveyor for fully automatic processes, or with roller conveyor for semi-automatic processes, and from 1 to 6 simultaneous filling injectors.


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Pail Filling Machine

The DPP technology is based on a weight control by load cells,
which regulates the partial or total opening and closing of the
injectors; this according to the pre-established weight, achieving
a filling in two speeds to have a better precision in the total
dosing of the product. In addition, this machine “learns” and
modifies the operating parameters through an algorithm to
optimize production speed and achieve excellent accuracy.
As a complement to this machine, a product feed pump can
be controlled proportionally, by means of an inverter
synchronized with the weighing system

This DPC series is ideal for the packaging of almost any product
by weight, products with light and/or foamy viscosities or with
high viscosities. This DPC series offer a great precision in the
dosed weight, achieving considerable savings in costs of poorly
dosed product. In the case of sparkling products, the DPC series
can be supplied with filling injectors under the surface, which
allows not to generate foam during filling.

Oil and Lubricants
Flavored liquid
Cleaning products
Natural products
Alcoholic liquid

Modified equipment can be supplied especially for the packaging of
flammable solvents or acid products that require ventilation or
vapor absorption systems generated during packaging.

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Additional information


Filling Technology


Type of Product

Liquid with Foam

Containers Presentations

1.32 To 13.21 gal lqd

Pieces per hours

Viscosity in CPS

0.9 – 50, 000

Inyectors Number

1 – 8 Inyectors

Report Management


Ethernet Connection


Electrical Requirement

220 V 50/60 Hz

Compressed air requirement

92.45 psi


440V-3F 50/60hz

Pail Filling Machine

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