Pump Overflow filling machine

The DNL series represent various option of automatic packaging machines, with robust and linear architecture. The DNL series is designed for companies that seek to optimize their production process through robust, practical and simple machine, that achieve efficient packaging process with low viscosity liquid products.


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Pump Overflow filling machine

This technology consists of a system of injectors that penetrate and seal the container.
This design recycles the foam generated when packaging and the excess product to the balance tank,
thereby achieving a constant level of product in the containers. The equipment has a sanitary
centrifugal pump of variable speed, integral flow regulator to control the speed of the product
when packaging. This allows a fast shipment, without spills and facilitating the filling of
products that generate foam. The equipment is offered with 6, 8, 10 or 12 injectors, the
operation is automatically controlled by PLC with a touch screen for parameter handling.

This equipment is ideal for the packaging of products such as water, juices, beverages,
syrups, milk, edible oils, cleaners and detergents, agrochemicals, pharmaceutical products
and the like, which are low viscosity and without solids. By design, it is especially useful
for packaging sparkling products.

Oil and Lubricants
Flavored liquid
Cleaning products
Natural products
Alcoholic liquid

This equipment should not be used for the packaging of viscous products, with solids,
or in wide-mouth containers or greater than 5 cm., or if the distance to the product level
from the mouth of the container is greater than 4 cm.

Overflow filling Machine – Overflow filling system – Linear Overflow filling equipment – Linear Overflow filling Machine – Overflow filler Machines

Additional information


Filling Technology


Type of Product

Liquid with Foam

Pieces per hours

Containers Presentations

1.6 To 169.07 fl oz.

Viscosity in CPS

0.9 – 250

Inyectors Number

6 – 12 Inyectors

Packaging Size

50ml – 1.5lt

Report Management


Ethernet Connection


Electrical Requirement

220 V 50/60 Hz

Compressed air requirement

92.45 psi


440V-3F 50/60hz

Pump Overflow filling machine

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